Re: using 2d coord variables

From: Jason Evans (jason.evans AT XXXXXX)
Date: Wed Jan 22 2003 - 10:12:14 MST

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    yeap - did that. I want to know the coordinate variables because I want
    to overlay on a map which is zoomed to various locations.

    without the coordinate information gsn_contour simply assumes that the
    coordinates count in steps of 1 degree, from 0 degrees up and locates it
    on the map accordingly.

    this of course warps the data and puts it in the wrong place. this is
    why I am using my 2d lat and 2d lon coord fields

    I can plot the field correctly using the gsn_csm_contour_map template
    but then I can't overlay it on another map plot.


    Sylvia Murphy wrote:
    > jason,
    > why do you want it to know the coordinate info. the main thing with a
    > contour on contour overlay is to make sure that the two plots line up.
    > the gsn_contour and gsn_csm_contour routines do not have to plot the
    > coordinate info on the axis labels in this case (in fact we don't want
    > them too), they just need to have coordinates so they know how to plot
    > them.
    > did you give it a try?
    > sm
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