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From: ENOMOTO Takeshi (enomoto.takeshi AT XXXXXX)
Date: Thu Jan 30 2003 - 01:29:37 MST


I'd like to report that fortran so files can be accessed
from a ncl script with the Mac version.
I find error messages useful. Many thanks.

BTW, I get a bus error when I try to save a character array.
A error occurs even with one dimensional array and even
a single character.

Strings can be saved but control of length will be messy.
I am trying to save a sequential file with a character header.

A error also occurs with 4.2.0.a024 IRIX.


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ncl 0> head = new((/64,16/), "character")
ncl 1> printVarSummary(head)

Variable: head Type: char Total Size: 1024 bytes 1024 values Number of Dimensions: 2 Dimensions and sizes: [64] x [16] Coordinates: Number Of Attributes: 1 _FillValue : ncl 2> fbinrecwrite("head", -1, head) Bus error

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