Help on Build-in Function of "vinth2p_ecmwf"

From: Jianping Pan (pan1 AT XXXXXX)
Date: Fri Feb 14 2003 - 09:59:09 MST

Hi, There,

I want to transfer my data from sigma coordinates to pressure one. But I
have a confusion about the usage of "tbot" in "vinth2p_ecmwf". This Climate
and model routine has the form of:

function vinth2p_ecmwf( datai : numeric, hbcofa[*] : numeric, hbcofb[*] :
numeric, plevo[*] : numeric, psfc : numeric, intyp[1] : integer, p0[1] :
numeric, ii[1] : integer, kxtrp[1] : logical, varflg[1] : integer, tbot :
numeric, phis : numeric )

and in document, it's explanation of "tbot" is as following:

The temperature at the lowest (i.e, closest to the surface) temperature
level. This should have the same dimensions as psfc. This is used only if
varflg is +1 or -1. However, space must still be allocated. (vinth2p_ecmwf


I have the data of "T" from different sigma levels (18 levels totally,
T(17) is the most closest one to ground since the index start from 0). And
I also have the "TS" as the temperature of ground temperature, I don't know
which one I should use. Or is there another temperature called "Ta" (which
is the air temperature close to ground) should be applied here? Default I
don't have such Ta data, If this do need to be applied? Are there any
functions can interpolate Ta from "TS" and T(17)?

Thanks and all have nice Valentine's Day!


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