Re: cropping eps files

From: fred (fred AT XXXXXX)
Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 10:52:53 MDT

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    > recently we were asked about the best method of cropping eps files output
    > from NCL.

      More accurately, how to create an eps file whose bounding
      box is the minimal such box containing all marks on the page.

    > The best method is to start with a ps file, and use ps2eps to create the
    > eps file.

      Should "ps2eps" be "ps2epsi" here? I don't recall there being
      a "ps2eps" in the standard psutils or Ghostscript distributions.

    > If the ps file has multiple frames, then pssplit should be used.

      "pssplit" above should be "psplit".

      The epsi file created by ps2epsi is an eps file with a
      bit-map preview image (you can suffix it with ".eps" with
      no problem). Some people have had problems printing the
      epsi file resulting from the "ps2epsi" script. If so, remove
      the line

        /showpage {} def

      from the ps2epsi script and rerun.

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