New version of NetCDF Operators (NCO) available for testing

From: Mike Page (mpage AT XXXXXX)
Date: Fri Oct 10 2003 - 14:25:19 MDT

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    Version 2.8.1 of the NetCDF Operators (NCO) has been built and is ready
    for testing on SCD's IBM-SP systems (bluesky, blackforest, babyblue and
    dave). The SGI installation will follow shortly.

    The NCO binaries are available on the IBM-SP systems in the directory

    The new NCO will be available for user testing until October 31, 2003.
    During the test period report any problems to Mike Page, SCD Consultant
    (mpage AT

    Notable features of NCO added since the current version, 2.7.1:

    # NCO 2.8.1, “Variable wildcarding”—extended regular expressions in -v
    var,... lists—support in all operators
    # NCO 2.8.0, New “binary” operator ncbo, obsoletes ncdiff, Debian
    # NCO 2.7.4, Autotools build support for AIX, fix UDUnits confusion
    with floating point hyperslab specifications
    # NCO 2.7.3, Support UDUnits (and some CF) conventions, e.g., ncks -d
    wvl "1 picometer","1 furlong" -d time,"2001-03-19
    06:00:0.0","2001-03-19 18:00:0.0"
    # NCO 2.7.2, Printing (ncks -H) plays well with multi-slabbing

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