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Date: Sun Oct 19 2003 - 16:07:27 MDT

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    i believe that a grey scale is your only option. all of the fill patterns
    we have are just that FILL patterns, and only work with contour fill.

    someone in the ncl group may have another option, but to my knowledge,
    there i none.


    Sylvia Murphy
    National Center for Atmospheric Research
    Climate and Global Dynamics Division

    > Hello. I would like to produce a map of vegetation biomes.
    > Currently, I plotted the global raster map in color with a colorbar
    > including 7 different colors for each biome, but I need this
    > figure without color. Any idea how to produce a raster plot
    > with different patterns and/or grey shades, which are distinct
    > enough to differentiate visually? I think shades of grey alone
    > are too similar and make it hard to tell the biomes apart.
    > Thanks.
    > Mike Notaro
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