merdional overturning

From: Sylvia Murphy (murphys AT XXXXXX)
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 15:23:37 MDT

We have received a several inquiries about an NCL script
for calculating the merdional overturning circulation in
ocean models.

I have put an example of how to do this on the web at:

this example only applies to rectinlinear models.

This calculation in the POP ocean model is far more complicated. Our ocean
section has a F90 program that will do it, but it is also being
incorporated into the model itself and MOC wil be output as a variable in
the new release of CCSM POP (out in two months). For those POP users, I
would recommend upgrading your version and saving yourself a major
headache. Also, the barotropic streamfucntion has been diagnostically
calculated for current CCSM runs and is available if necessary.

I will be putting an example of calculating MOC for the FOAM ocean model


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