Re: How to convert NCAR MSS files to Netcdf files

From: Rick Grubin (grubin AT XXXXXX)
Date: Mon Dec 15 2003 - 13:03:54 MST


> I am now trying to analyzing CCM3 output. I got the monthly output form
> NCAR MSS datasets. Could someone tell me how to convert the MSS files
> (such as 01-50,02-50,... 12-50, 01-51...,12-99..) to Netcdf files? The
> following are my goals: 1) Convert the MSS files to Netcdf format; 2)
> Automatically delete the MSS files when the conversions are finished; 3)
> The MSS files contain all CCM3 output fields, I just need part of fields.
> Thanks!
> Song Feng

There is a utility called 'ccm2nc' that converts from CCM history tape
format to netCDF format. You can find the source code at:

You'll find directions on how to download the code, and notes about other
required software (the netCDF libraries).

Another helpful link may be:

which discusses various data fields in a CCM file, as well as:

which you may find helpful for data manipulation, file input/output, and
visualization of your data.


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