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From: David Brown (dbrown AT XXXXXX)
Date: Wed Jul 07 2004 - 12:41:38 MDT

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    You are correct that the documentation for mpAreaNames is out of date
    and needs updating. We will put this
    on our to-do list and hopefully it can be corrected very soon.
    Meanwhile let me explain the current status.

    Assuming the mpDataBaseVersion is set to "Ncarg4_1" or "MediumRes", you
    can select from a choice of three map
    datasets, "Earth..1", "Earth..2", or "Earth..3", using the
    mpDataSetName resource. The default is "Earth..2" but
    unfortunately the HLU documentation only discusses "Earth..1", which is
    somewhat older. However, you can
    find the "Earth..2" dataset described in documentation for the NCARG
    low level utilities at:

    "Earth..3", which differs only in that the US states are subdivided by
    climatic region rather than by county, is
    documented at:
    with graphic illustrations of the divisions at:

    Regarding the actual areas you were unable to find, it is true that
    Monaco is too small to be properly represented
    at the scale of the "MediumRes" map database, so it is absent. "Serbia
    and Montenegro" are still referenced
    by the name "Yugoslavia", which was correct until February, 2003,
    according to:

    If you have other difficulties using mpAreaNames, please let me know.

    On Jul 7, 2004, at 9:27 AM, Heiko Klein wrote:

    > I would like to make more use of the area database included into ncl
    > (version 4.1), but I couldn't even find out how to print the included
    > areas-names.
    > mpAreaNames doesn't seem to function in a simple way in ncl, and the
    > database-table under
    > seems
    > to be outdated. Though I could use 'Land : Eurasia : Kyrgyzstan', it
    > wasn't included in the table. The same is true for Georgia,
    > Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.
    > I still have some problems with the following countries: Monaco (to
    > small?), 'Serbia and Montenegro' (to new?). Or do they just have other
    > names?
    > It would be nice to see how to access some database-functions from
    > ncl. All examples deal either in C/Fortran with the database or they
    > are well hidden within ncl.
    > Best regards,
    > Heiko
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