Re: calculate the curl of wind stress

From: Dennis Shea (shea AT
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 16:49:54 MST

>I want to calculate the Ekman pumping upwelling velocity so that
>involves the curl of wind stress. Does anyone know how the do
>curl using NCL function?

The curl of a vector quantity:

[1] If your data are global and contain no missing values
    (_FillValue), then the spherical harmonic functions should be used.
    These are highly accurate:

     Click: Spherical harmonics
     Specifically, if your data are on a gaussian grid use: uv2vrG
                                         regular : uv2vrF
[2] if the data are over a limited area or having missing
    data then use "uv2vr_cfd"

     this uses finite differences.

[3] In either documentation for the above functions
    u==>taux and v ==>tauy
        w_Ekman = [curl x TAU] / (f*rho)

good luck

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