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From: Saji Hameed (saji AT
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 15:34:00 MDT


Latex may not be understanding the Bounding Box specified by NCL
(although it is valid EPS format). You can run the following command
(assuming you have epstool)

epstool --copy -b inputfile.eps outputfile.eps

The resulting 'outputfile.eps' should have an explicit Bounding Box.
I usually use graphicx package under LaTeX..For instance, I scale/rotate
my plots using

\includegraphics[height=0.85\hsize, angle=-270]{./Figs/ssh_coarse.eps}

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> 1. eps plots for publication (Cathryn Meyer)
> Hello NCL users,
> I have been making several *.eps plots to use in a paper for
> publication. These plots look find when I view them using
> ghostscript,however when I attempt to transfer them into the
> document they do not
> load successfully. I can convert them using gv but then they are huge
> (like 3ft x 3ft) and only one small corner of the figure covers the
> page.
> Is there some way to resize .eps plots once they are in a document,
> or a
> way to get them to load into a LaTeX document without using gv?
> What do
> some of you use for publication plots, if eps is known not to work?
> Thanks,
> Cathy
> --
> Cathryn Meyer
> Department of Geology and Geophysics
> Yale University
> (203)432-1959

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