Reading HDF Radar Images

From: Paul Quelet (ptquelet AT
Date: Fri May 06 2005 - 13:46:55 MDT

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    Hello everyone,

            I am not sure if NCL can handle reading these HDF images from the
    Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC). I have attached one to this
    message. I am trying to plot composite radar reflectivity data for
    analysis purposes.
            I believe they are "raster" images, and may not fall into the HDF4 or
    HDF-EOS supported by NCL. However, I thought I would ask to see if
    anyone has had success with this dataset, these type of files, or other
    archived reflectivity datasets and NCL.
            I do know for a fact that IDL can plot these using the code such as:

    hdfid = hdf_open('U'+strtrim(string(times(i)),2)+'Z99.219_refl_2km.hdf')

    hdfid = hdf_gr_start(hdfid)

    hdfid2 = hdf_gr_select(hdfid,0)

    hdfid2 = hdf_gr_readimage(hdfid2,value)

    where the _gr option is for "generic raster" I believe.
            If I cannot get this to work, are there other dataset suggestions?
    Doesn't Unidata have archived radar composites available? Can NCL use
            Thank you to anyone who can help me. I believe this is not an easy
    problem to tackle.

    Paul Quelet

    Colorado State University

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