ncl_convert2nc problem

From: P.M. Trambauer Arechavaleta <p.trambauer_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri Mar 23 2012 - 08:30:12 MDT

I am trying to convert MODIS .hdf files to netCDF.
I succeeded in using ncl_convert2nc but the resulting .nc file does not
contain the proper lat/long to plot the data correctly.
I did what suggested in a forum, I appended the .hdeof suffix to the
original filename, for example:
MOD16A2.A2000M01.h16v06.105.2010357191738.hdf.hdfeos, and with the
ncl_filedump I can now see the lat/long coordinates of that file.
However, I am having problem to convert with ncl_convert2nc the
MOD16A2.A2000M01.h16v06.105.2010357191738.hdf.hdfeos to netCDF.
My resulting netCDF file has the extension and is wrongly created,
as it has only 1 KB. I tried a lot of different things but I could not
create the netCDF file after I appended the .hdfeos
Please if somebody knows how to convert the .hdf.hdfeos to .nc, please let
me know.
Thanks in advance,

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