Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD): Offenbach

Center: 78
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 201

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

1DW_SW_FLUXW/m**2downward shortwave radiant flux density
2UW_SW_FLUXW/m**2upward shortwave radiant flux density
3DW_LW_FLUXW/m**2downward longwave radiant flux density
4UW_LW_FLUXW/m**2upward longwave radiant flux density
5APAB_SW/m**2downwd photosynthetic active radiant flux density
6NET_S_FLUXW/m**2net shortwave flux
7NET_L_FLUXW/m**2net longwave flux
8NET_FLUXW/m**2total net radiative flux density
9DW_SW_CLFRW/m**2downw shortw radiant flux density, cloudfree part
10UW_SW_CLDYW/m**2upw shortw radiant flux density, cloudy part
11DW_LW_CLFRW/m**2downw longw radiant flux density, cloudfree part
12UW_LW_CLDYW/m**2upw longw radiant flux density, cloudy part
13SOHR_RADK/sshortwave radiative heating rate
14THHR_RADK/slongwave radiative heating rate
15RAD_HEATK/stotal radiative heating rate
16SOILHEAT_SW/m**2soil heat flux, surface
17SOILHEAT_LW/m**2soil heat flux, bottom of layer
20SUNSHHRShsunshine hours
29CLC1cloud cover, grid scale + convective
30CLC_GR_SC1cloud cover, grid scale (0...1)
31QCkg/kgspecific cloud water content, grid scale
32CLW_GS_VIkg/m**2cloud water content, grid scale, vert integrated
33QIkg/kgspecific cloud ice content, grid scale
34CLI_GS_VIkg/m**2cloud ice content, grid scale, vert integrated
35SRC_GR_SCkg/kgspecific rainwater content, grid scale
36SSC_GR_SCkg/kgspecific snow content, grid scale
37SRC_GS_VIkg/m**2specific rainwater content, gs, vert. integrated
38SSC_GS_VIkg/m**2specific snow content, gs, vert. integrated
39QGkg kg-1specific graupel content
40TQGkg m-2total graupel content vertically integrated
41TOT_WATERkg/(m**2)vert. integral of humidity, cloud water (and ice)
42HUM_DIVkg/(m**2)vert. integral of divergence of tot. water content
43QC_RADkg kg-1sub scale specific cloud water content
44QI_RADkg kg-1subscale specific cloud ice content
50CH_CM_CL1cloud covers CH_CM_CL (000...888)
51CL_COV_CH1cloud cover CH (0..8)
52CL_COV_CM1cloud cover CM (0..8)
53CL_COV_CL1cloud cover CL (0..8)
54CLOUD_COV1total cloud cover (0..8)
55FOG1fog (0..8)
58HBAS_SCmheight of shallow convective cloud base
59HTOP_SCmheight of shallow convective cloud top
60CLC_CON_CI1cloud cover, convective cirrus (0...1)
61CLW_CONkg/kgspecific cloud water content, convective clouds
62CLW_CON_VIkg/m**2cloud water content, conv clouds, vert integrated
63CLI_CONkg/kgspecific cloud ice content, convective clouds
64CLI_CON_VIkg/m**2cloud ice content, conv clouds, vert integrated
65MASS_FL_COkg/(s*m**2)convective mass flux
66UPD_VEL_COm/supdraft velocity, convection
67ENTR_P_COm**(-1)entrainment parameter, convection
68HBAS_CONmcloud base, convective clouds (above msl)
69HTOP_CONmcloud top, convective clouds (above msl)
70CON_LAYERS1convective layers (00...77) (BKE)
72BAS_CON1convection base index
73TOP_CON1convection top index
74DT_CONK/sconvective temperature tendency
75DQV_CONs**(-1)convective tendency of specific humidity
76H_TEN_COJ/(kg*s)convective tendency of total heat
77QDW_TEN_COs**(-1)convective tendency of total water
78DU_CONm/s**2convective momentum tendency (X-component)
79DV_CONm/s**2convective momentum tendency (Y-component)
80VOR_TEN_COs**(-2)convective vorticity tendency
81DIV_TEN_COs**(-2)convective divergence tendency
82HTOP_DCmtop of dry convection (above msl)
83TOP_IND_DC1dry convection top index
84HZEROCLmheight of 0 degree Celsius isotherm above msl
85SNOWLMTmheight of snow fall limit in m above sea level
91C_T_LKindexshape factor of temperature profile in lake thermocline
92GAMSO_LKm-1attenuation coefficient for solar radiation in lake water
93DP_BS_LKmthickness of thermally active layer of bottom sediment
94H_B1_LKmthickness of the upper layer of bottom sediments
95H_ML_LKmthickness of the mixed layer
96DEPTH_LKmlake depth
97FETCH_LKmwind fetch over lake
99QRSindexprecipitation water (water loading)
100PRR_GSPkg/(s*m**2)surface precipitation rate, rain, grid scale
101PRS_GSPkg/(s*m**2)surface precipitation rate, snow, grid scale
102RAIN_GSPkg/m**2surface precipitation amount, rain, grid scale
103CONDENS_GSkg/(kg*s)condensation rate, grid scale
104AUTOCON_GSkg/(kg*s)autoconversion rate, grid scale (C+C --> R)
105ACCRET_GSkg/(kg*s)accretion rate, grid scale (R+C --> R)
106NUCLEAT_GSkg/(kg*s)nucleation rate, grid scale (C+C --> S)
107RIMING_GSkg/(kg*s)riming rate, grid scale (S+C --> S)
108DEPOSIT_GSkg/(kg*s)deposition rate, grid scale (S+V <--> S)
109MELTING_GSkg/(kg*s)melting rate, grid scale (S --> R)
110EVAPOR_GSkg/(kg*s)evaporation rate, grid scale (R+V <-- R)
111PRR_CONkg/(s*m**2)surface precipitation rate, rain, convective
112PRS_CONkg/(s*m**2)surface precipitation rate, snow, convective
113RAIN_CONkg/m**2surface precipitation amount, rain, convective
114CONDENS_COkg/(kg*s)condensation rate, convective
115AUTOCON_COkg/(kg*s)autoconversion rate, convective
116ACCRET_COkg/(kg*s)accretion rate, convective
117NUCLEAT_COkg/(kg*s)nucleation rate, convective
118RIMING_COkg/(kg*s)riming rate, convective
119SUBLIM_COkg/(kg*s)sublimation rate, convective
120MELTING_COkg/(kg*s)melting rate, convective
121EVAPOR_COkg/(kg*s)evaporation rate, convective
122RAIN_AMkg/m**2rain amount, grid-scale plus convective
123SNOW_AMkg/m**2snow amount, grid-scale plus convective
124DT_GSPK/stemperature tendency, grid-scale condensation
125DQV_GSPs**(-1)tendency of specific humidity, grid-scale condens
126H_TEN_GSJ/(kg*s)tendency of total heat, grid-scale condensation
127DQL_GSPs**(-1)tendency of total water, grid-scale condensation
129FRESHSNWindexfreshness of snow
130TSCIC_GSPRkg/(kg*s)tend of the sp cl ice cont due to gs precipitation
131PRG_GSPkg m-2 s-1mass flux density of large scale graupel
132GRA_AM_GSkg/(m**2)surface precipitation amount, graupel, grid scale
133RHO_SNOWkg m-3density of snow
139PPRIMEPadeviation of pressure from reference value
140RCLDnon-dimstandard deviation of saturation deficit
143CAPE_MUJ kg-1capeof most unstable parcel
144CIN_MUJ kg-1convective inhibition of most unstable parcel
145CAPE_MLJ kg-1cape of mean surf layer parcel
146CIN_MLJ kg-1convective inhibition of mean surface layer parcel
147TKE_CONJ/kgconvective turbulent kinetic energy
148TKETENSm/stendency of turbulent kinetic energy
149KEJ/kgkinetic energy ((u**2 + v**2) / 2)
150HDI_COEFFm**2/scoefficient of horizontal diffusion
151DISSP_RATEW/(Pa*m**2)dissipation rate
152TKE(m/s)**2turbulent kinetic energy
153TKVMm**2/scoefficient of vertical diffusion, momentum
154TKVHm**2/scoefficient of vertical diffusion, heat
155VDI_COE_CWm**2/scoefficient of vertical diffusion, cloud water
156VDI_COE_CIm**2/scoefficient of vertical diffusion, cloud ice
157VDI_COE_VPm**2/scoefficient of vertical diffusion, water vapour
158DIS_LEN_Mmturbulent dissipation length for momentum
159DIS_LEN_Hmturbulent dissipation length for heat
160VAR_U_MOM(m/s)**2variance of u-component of momentum
161VAR_V_MOM(m/s)**2variance of v-component of momentum
162VAR_W_MOM(m/s)**2variance of w-component of momentum
163VAR_TEMPK**2variance of temperature
164VAR_CL_WAT(kg/kg)**2variance of specific cloud water content
165VAR_CL_ICE(kg/kg)**2variance of specific cloud ice content
166VAR_VAP_MR(kg/kg)**2variance of water vapour mixing ratio
167C_WAT_FLUXm/sturbulent vertical flux of spec cloud water
168C_ICE_FLUXm/sturbulent vertical flux of spec cloud ice
169W_VAP_FLUXm/sturbulent vertical flux of water vapour mix ratio
170TCM1drag coefficient CD
171TCH1transfer coefficient CH (sensible heat)
172TR_COEF_CQ1transfer coefficient CQ (latent heat)
173PBL_TOP_HmPBL-top h
174T_JUMP_HKtemperature jump at PBL-top
175Q_JUMP_Hkg/kgspecific humidity jump at PBL-top
176ENTR_AT_Hkg/(s*m**2)entrainment at PBL-top
177MASS_FL_Hkg/(s*m**2)upward mass flux at PBL-top
178CL_COV_PBL1cloud cover of PBL-clouds (0...1)
179CL_WAT_PBLkg/kgspecific cloud water content of PBL-clouds
180CL_TOP_PBLmcloud top of PBL-clouds
181CL_BAS_PBLmcloud base of PBL-clouds
182MOUN_WAV_Xkg/(m*s**2)vertical mountain wave momentum flux (X component)
183MOUN_WAV_Ykg/(m*s**2)vertical mountain wave momentum flux (Y component)
184WAVE_RI1wave Richardson number
185WAV_DIV_Xm/s**2mountain wave momentum flux divergence (X comp)
186WAV_DIV_Ym/s**2mountain wave momentum flux divergence (Y comp)
187VMAX_10Mm/smaximum wind velocity
188WAV_DIS_VIW/m**2mountain wave dissipation, vert integrated
189WV_EN_FLUXkg*m/s**4vertical wave energy flux
190T_BS_LKKclimatological temperature at bottom of thermally active layer of sediments
191T_BOT_LKKtemperature at the water bottom sediment interface
192T_B1_LKKtemperature at bottom of upper layer of sedients
193T_WML_LKKmixed layer temperature
194T_MNW_LKKmean temperature of water column
195T_SFC_LKKlake surface temperature
197SO_TEMPKtemperature of soil layers
198SO_WA_ICEkg/(m**2)water + ice content of soil layers
199SO_ICEkg/(m**2)ice content of soil layers
200W_Ikg/(m**2)water content of interception store
201INTERC_ICE1icebit for interception store
202SNOW_FRACT1snow fraction
203T_SNOWKsnow temperature
204FOLIAG_TEMKfoliage temperature
207SOIL_EVAPm/sbare soil evaporation
208PLANT_TRANm/splant transpiration
209INTER_EVAPm/sinterception store evaporation
210WATER_EVAPm/sevaporation from water surfaces
211AERO_RESISs/maerodynamic resistance
212PLANT_RESs/mplant resistance
213SOIL_RESs/msoil resistance
214TOTAL_EVAPm/stotal evaporation (water, soil, plants)
215T_ICEKtemperature of ice upper surface
217MAX_WIND_Mm/smaximum wind velocity (modified)
241OBS_TS_OC1OBS Gewitter (occasional)
242OBS_TS_FQ1OBS Gewitter (frequent)
243MOS_PTS_OC1MOS Gewitter-Wahrscheinlichkeit (occasional)
244MOS_PTS_FQ1MOS Gewitter-Wahrscheinlichkeit (frequent)
245MOS_TS_COV1MOS Gewitteranteil (occasional - frequent (1 - 2))
250MOS_TSISO1%Wahrscheinlichkeit mindestens ein Blitz
251MOS_TSISO2%Wahrscheinlichkeit mindestens zehn Blitze
252MOS_TSISO3%Wahrscheinlichkeit mindestens hundert Blitze
253MOS_TS_DENindexVorhersage der Blitzanzahl
254MOS_TS_OCC%Gewitter-Wahrscheinlichkeit (occasional)
255MOS_TS_FRQ%Gewitter-Wahrscheinlichkeit (frequent)