Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD): Offenbach

Center: 78
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 204

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

1P_RMS_FG_APapressure RMS-error first guess - analysis
2P_RMS_IA_APapressure RMS-error initialised analysis - analysis
3U_RMS_FG_Am/su RMS-error first guess - analysis
4U_RMS_IA_Am/su RMS-error initialised analysis - analysis
5V_RMS_FG_Am/sv RMS-error first guess - analysis
6V_RMS_IA_Am/sv RMS-error initialised analysis - analysis
7FI_E_FG_A(m**2)/(s**2)geopotential RMS-error first guess - analysis
8FI_E_IA_A(m**2)/(s**2)geopotential RMS-error init. analysis - analysis
9RH_E_FG_A%relative humidity RMS-error first guess - analysis
10RH_E_IA_A%rel. hum. RMS-error init. analysis - analysis
11T_RMS_FG_AKtemperature RMS-error first guess - analysis
12T_RMS_IA_AKtemperature RMS-error init. analysis - analysis
13OM_E_FG_Am/somega RMS-error first guess - analysis
14OM_E_IA_Am/somega RMS-error initialised analysis - analysis
15E_FG_A_KE(m**2)/(s**2)kinetic energy RMS-error first guess - analysis
16E_IG_A_KE(m**2)/(s**2)kinetic energy RMS-error init. analysis
21FF_ANAIm s-1wind speed analysis increment
22DD_ANAIdegreewind direction analysis increment
23T_ANAIKtemperature analysis increment
24FI_ANAIm2 s-2geopotential analysis increment
25P_ANAIPapressure analysis increment
26PMSL_ANAIPamsl pressure analysis increment
27QV_ANAIkg kg-1specific humidity analysis increment
28QC_ANAIkg kg-1specific cloud water content analysis increment
29TQV_ANAIkg m-2precipitable water analysis increment
30TQC_ANAIkg m-2cloud water analysis increment
90BLACK_ICE%probability of black ice
91SNOWDRIFT%probability of snowdrift
92SSNOWDRIFT%probability of strong snowdrift
97THUNDERST%probability of thunderstorm
98HTHUNDERST%probability of heavy thunderstorm
99STHUNDERST%probability of severe thunderstorm
101ENSEMBSIZEnon-dimensemble size
130RR10%probability of total precipitation > 10mm
131RR20%probability of total precipitation > 20mm
132RR25%probability of total precipitation > 25mm
133RR30%probability of total precipitation > 30mm
134RR40%probability of total precipitation > 40mm
135RR50%probability of total precipitation > 50mm
136RR60%probability of total precipitation > 60mm
137RR70%probability of total precipitation > 70mm
138RR80%probability of total precipitation > 80mm
139RR90%probability of total precipitation > 90mm
140RR100%probability of total precipitation > 100mm
141FF10%probability of maximum wind speed > 10m/s
142FF15%probability of maximum wind speed > 15m/s
143FF20%probability of maximum wind speed > 20m/s
144FF25%probability of maximum wind speed > 25m/s
151SNOW1%probability of accumulated snow > 1cm
152SNOW5%probability of accumulated snow > 5cm
153SNOW10%probability of accumulated snow > 10cm
154SNOW15%probability of accumulated snow > 15cm
155SNOW20%probability of accumulated snow > 20cm
156SNOW25%probability of accumulated snow > 25cm
161GUST10%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 10m/s
162GUST14%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 14m/s
163GUST15%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 15m/s
164GUST18%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 18m/s
165GUST20%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 20m/s
166GUST25%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 25m/s
167GUST29%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 29m/s
168GUST33%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 33m/s
169GUST39%probability of maximum wind gust speed > 39m/s
171TT_LT_10%probability of temperature < -10 degrees Celsius
172TT_LT_0%probability of temperature < 0 degrees Celsius
175TT_GT_25%probability of temperature > 25 degrees Celsius
176TT_GT_30%probability of temperature > 30 degrees Celsius
177TT_GT_35%probability of temperature > 35 degrees Celsius
181MSLP_LT_980%probability of MSL pressure < 980 hPa