200MAXSWHmMaximum of significant wave height
215USTm s**-1U-component stokes drift
216VSTm s**-1V-component stokes drift
217TMAXsPeriod corresponding to maximum individual wave height
218HMAXmMaximum individual wave height
219WMBmModel bathymetry
220MP1sMean wave period based on first moment
221MP2sMean wave period based on second moment
222WDW-Wave spectral directional width
223P1WWsMean wave period based on first moment for wind waves
224P2WWsMean wave period based on second moment for wind waves
225DWWW-Wave spectral directional width for wind waves
226P1PSsMean wave period based on first moment for swell
227P2PSsMean wave period based on second moment for swell
228DWPS-Wave spectral directional width for swell
229SWHmSignificant wave height
230MWDdegreesMean wave direction
231PP1DsPeak period of 1D spectra
232MWPsMean wave period
233CDWW-Coefficient of drag with waves
234SHWWmSignificant height of wind waves
235MDWWdegreesMean direction of wind waves
236MPWWsMean period of wind waves
237SHTSmSignificant height of total swell
238MDTSdegreesMean direction of total swell
239MPTSsMean period of total swell
240SDHSmStandard deviation wave height
241MU10m s**-1Mean of 10 metre wind speed
242MDWIdegreesMean wind direction
243SDUm s**-1Standard deviation of 10 metre wind speed
244MSQSdimensionlessMean square slope of waves
245WINDm s**-110 metre wind speed
246AWHmAltimeter wave height
247ACWHmAltimeter corrected wave height
248ARRC-Altimeter range relative correction
249DWIdegrees10 metre wind direction
2502DSPm**2 s radian**-12D wave spectra (multiple)
2512DFDm**2 s radian**-12D wave spectra (single)
252WSK-Wave spectral kurtosis
253BFI-Benjamin-Feir index
254WSPs**-1Wave spectral peakedness