European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts: Reading

Center: 98
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 150

Usage: Ocean - preliminary

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

129POT_OCdeg COcean potential temperature
130SALTY_OCpsuOcean salinity
131PDEN_OCkg m**-3 -1000Ocean potential density(reference = surface)
133UVEL_OCm s**-1Ocean u velocity
134VVEL_OCm s**-1Ocean v velocity
135WVEL_OCm s**-1Ocean w velocity
137RI-Richardson number
139UVm s**-2u*v product
140UTm s**-1 deg Cu*T product
141VTm s**-1 deg Cv*T product
142UUm s**-2u*u product
143VVm s**-2v*v product
144UV_TMEANm s**-2uv - u~v~ (u~ is time-mean of u)
145UT_TMEANm s**-1 deg CuT - u~T~
146VT_TMEANm s**-1 deg CvT - v~T~
147UU_TMEANm s**-2uu - u~u~
148VV_TMEANm s**-2vv - v~v~
152SL_DEP-Sea level (departure from geoid tides removed)
153BSTRM-Barotropic stream function
154MIXHTmMixed layer depth (Tcr=0.5 C for HOPE model)
155DEPTHmDepth (eg of isothermal surface)
170TKE-Turbulent Kinetic Energy input
171NSHFLX-Net surface heat flux (+ve = down)
172SSRAD-Surface solar radiation
180SST_ERRdeg CDiagnosed SST eror
181HFLX_CORW m**-2Heat flux correction
182SST_OBCObserved SST deg
183HFLX_OBW m**-2Observed heat flux