4910FGm s**-110 metre wind gust during averaging time
127AT-Atmospheric tide
128BV-Budget values
129Zm**2 s**-2Geopotential
131Um s**-1U velocity
132Vm s**-1V velocity
133Qkg kg**-1Specific humidity
134SPPaSurface pressure
135WPa s**-1Vertical velocity
136TCWkg m**-2Total column water
137PWCkg m**-2Precipitable water content
138VOs**-1Vorticity (relative)
139STL1KSoil temperature level 1
140SWL1mSoil wetness level 1
141SDm of waterSnow depth
142LSPkg m**-2 s**-1Large-scale precipitation
143CPkg m**-2 s**-1Convective precipitation
144SFkg m**-2 s**-1Snowfall
145BLDW m**-2Boundary layer dissipation
146SSHFW m**-2Surface sensible heat flux
147SLHFW m**-2Surface latent heat flux
151MSLPaMean sea level pressure
152LNSP-Logarithm of surface pressure
157R(0 - 1)Relative humidity
158TSPPa s**-1Tendency of surface pressure
164TCC(0 - 1)Total cloud cover
16510Um s**-110 metre U wind component
16610Vm s**-110 metre V wind component
1672TK2 metre temperature
1682DK2 metre dewpoint temperature
170STL2KSoil temperature level 2
171SWL2mSoil wetness level 2
172LSM(0 - 1)Land-sea mask
173SRmSurface roughness
174AL(0 - 1)Albedo
176SSRW m**-2Surface solar radiation
177STRW m**-2Surface thermal radiation
178TSRW m**-2Top solar radiation
179TTRW m**-2Top thermal radiation
180EWSSN m**-2 s**-1East-West surface stress
181NSSSN m**-2 s**-1North-South surface stress
182Ekg m**-2 s**-1Evaporation
183STL3KSoil temperature level 3
184SWL3mSoil wetness level 3
185CCC(0 - 1)Convective cloud cover
186LCC(0 - 1)Low cloud cover
187MCC(0 - 1)Medium cloud cover
188HCC(0 - 1)High cloud cover
190EWOVm**2East-West component of sub-gridscale orographic variance
191NSOVm**2North-South component of sub-gridscale orographic variance
192NWOVm**2North-West/South-East component of sub-gridscale orographic variance
193NEOVm**2North-East/South-West component of sub-gridscale orographic variance
195LGWSN m**-2 sLatitudinal component of gravity wave stress
196MGWSN m**-2 sMeridional component of gravity wave stress
197GWDW m**-2 sGravity wave dissipation
198SRCm of waterSkin reservoir content
199VEG%Percentage of vegetation
200VSOm**2Variance of sub-gridscale orography
201MX2TKMaximum temperature at 2 metres during averaging time
202MN2TKMinimium temperature at 2 metres during averaging time
204PAW-Precipitation analysis weights
205ROkg m**-2 s**-1Runoff
206ZZm**2 s**-2Standard deviation of geopotential
207TZK m**2 s**-2Covariance of temperature and geopotential
208TTKStandard deviation of temperature
209QZm**2 s**-2Covariance of specific humidity and geopotential
210QTKCovariance of specific humidity and temperature
211QQ(0 - 1)Standard deviation of specific humidity
212UZm**3 s**-3Covariance of U component and geopotential
213UTK m s**-1Covariance of U component and temperature
214UQm s**-1Covariance of U component and specific humidity
215UUm s**-1Standard deviation of U velocity
216VZm**3 s**-3Covariance of V component and geopotential
217VTK m s**-1Covariance of V component and temperature
218VQm s**-1Covariance of V component and specific humidity
219VUm**2 s**-2Covariance of V component and U component
220VVm s**-1Standard deviation of V component
221WZPa m**2 s**-3Covariance of W component and geopotential
222WTK Pa s**-1Covariance of W component and temperature
223WQPa s**-1Covariance of W component and specific humidity
224WUPa m s**-2Covariance of W component and U component
225WVPa m s**-2Covariance of W component and V component
226WWPa s**-1Standard deviation of vertical velocity
228TPmTotal precipitation
229IEWSN m**-2Instantaneous X surface stress
230INSSN m**-2Instantaneous Y surface stress
231ISHFW m**-2Instantaneous surface heat flux
232IEkg m**-2 s**-1Instantaneous moisture flux
233ASQkg kg**-1Apparent surface humidity
234LSRH-Logarithm of surface roughness length for heat
235SKTKSkin temperature
236STL4KSoil temperature level 4
237SWL4mSoil wetness level 4
238TSNKTemperature of snow layer
239CSFkg m**-2 s**-1Convective snowfall
240LSFkg m**-2 s**-1Large-scale snowfall
241CLWCERkg kg**-1Cloud liquid water content
242CC(0 - 1)Cloud cover
243FAL-Forecast albedo
244FSRmForecast surface roughness
245FLSR-Forecast logarithm of surface roughness for heat
24610WSm s**-110 metre wind speed
247MOFLN m**-2Momentum flux
249W m**-2Gravity wave dissipation flux
254HSD(0 - 1)Heaviside beta function