44m of water s**-1Snow evaporation
45m of water s**-1Snowmelt
48N m**-2Magnitude of surface stress
50-Large-scale precipitation fraction
142m s**-1Stratiform precipitation (Large-scale precipitation)
143m s**-1Convective precipitation
144m of water equivalent s**-1Snowfall (convective + stratiform)
145W m**-2Boundary layer dissipation
146W m**-2Surface sensible heat flux
147W m**-2Surface latent heat flux
149W m**-2Surface net radiation
153K s**-1Short-wave heating rate
154K s**-1Long-wave heating rate
169W m**-2Surface solar radiation downwards
175W m**-2Surface thermal radiation downwards
176W m**-2Surface solar radiation
177W m**-2Surface thermal radiation
178W m**-2Top solar radiation
179W m**-2Top thermal radiation
180N m**-2East-West surface stress
181N m**-2North-South surface stress
182m of water s**-1Evaporation
189-Sunshine duration
195N m**-2Latitudinal component of gravity wave stress
196N m**-2Meridional component of gravity wave stress
197W m**-2Gravity wave dissipation
205m s**-1Runoff
208W m**-2Top net solar radiation, clear sky
209W m**-2Top net thermal radiation, clear sky
210W m**-2Surface net solar radiation, clear sky
211W m**-2Surface net thermal radiation, clear sky
212W m**-2 s**-1Solar insolation
228m s**-1Total precipitation
239m of water equivalent s**-1Convective snowfall
240m of water equivalent s**-1Large-scale snowfall