1W m**-2downward shortwave radiant flux density
2W m**-2upward shortwave radiant flux density
3W m**-2downward longwave radiant flux density
4W m**-2upward longwave radiant flux density
5APAB_SW m**-2downwd photosynthetic active radiant flux density
6W m**-2net shortwave flux
7W m**-2net longwave flux
8W m**-2total net radiative flux density
9W m**-2downw shortw radiant flux density, cloudfree part
10W m**-2upw shortw radiant flux density, cloudy part
11W m**-2downw longw radiant flux density, cloudfree part
12W m**-2upw longw radiant flux density, cloudy part
13SOHR_RADK s**-1shortwave radiative heating rate
14THHR_RADK s**-1longwave radiative heating rate
15W m**-2total radiative heating rate
16W m**-2soil heat flux, surface
17W m**-2soil heat flux, bottom of layer
29CLC(0-1)fractional cloud cover
30(0-1)cloud cover, grid scale
31QCkg kg**-1specific cloud water content
32kg m**-2cloud water content, grid scale, vert integrated
33QIkg kg**-1specific cloud ice content, grid scale
34kg m**-2cloud ice content, grid scale, vert integrated
35kg kg**-1specific rainwater content, grid scale
36kg kg**-1specific snow content, grid scale
37kg m**-2specific rainwater content, gs, vert. integrated
38kg m**-2specific snow content, gs, vert. integrated
41TWATERkg m**-2total column water
42kg m**-2vert. integral of divergence of tot. water content
50CH_CM_CL(0-1)cloud covers CH_CM_CL (000...888)
51(0-1)cloud cover CH (0..8)
52(0-1)cloud cover CM (0..8)
53(0-1)cloud cover CL (0..8)
54(0-1)total cloud cover (0..8)
55(0-1)fog (0..8)
60(0-1)cloud cover, convective cirrus
61kg kg**-1specific cloud water content, convective clouds
62kg m**-2cloud water content, conv clouds, vert integrated
63kg kg**-1specific cloud ice content, convective clouds
64kg m**-2cloud ice content, conv clouds, vert integrated
65kg s**-1 m**-2convective mass flux
66m s**-1updraft velocity, convection
67m**-1entrainment parameter, convection
68HBAS_CONmcloud base, convective clouds (above msl)
69HTOP_CONmcloud top, convective clouds (above msl)
70(0-1)convective layers (00...77) (BKE)
72BAS_CON(1)convection base index
73TOP_CON(1)convection top index
74DT_CONK s**-1convective temperature tendency
75DQV_CONs**-1convective tendency of specific humidity
76J kg**-1 s**-1convective tendency of total heat
77s**-1convective tendency of total water
78DU_CONm s**-2convective momentum tendency (X-component)
79DV_CONm s**-2convective momentum tendency (Y-component)
80s**-2convective vorticity tendency
81s**-2convective divergence tendency
82HTOP_DCmtop of dry convection (above msl)
83(1)dry convection top index
84HZEROCLmheight of 0 degree Celsius isotherm above msl
85SNOWLMTmheight of snow-fall limit
99QRS_GSPkg kg**-1spec. content of precip. particles
100PRR_GSPkg s**-1 m**-2surface precipitation rate, rain, grid scale
101PRS_GSPkg s**-1 m**-2surface precipitation rate, snow, grid scale
102RAIN_GSPkg m**-2surface precipitation amount, rain, grid scale
111PRR_CONkg s**-1 m**-2surface precipitation rate, rain, convective
112PRS_CONkg s**-1 m**-2surface precipitation rate, snow, convective
113RAIN_CONkg m**-2surface precipitation amount, rain, convective
139PPPadeviation of pressure from reference value
150m**2 s**-1coefficient of horizontal diffusion
187VMAX_10Mm s**-1maximum wind velocity
200W_Ikg m**-2water content of interception store
203T_SNOWKsnow temperature
215T_ICEKice surface temperature
241CAPE_CONJ kg**-1convective available potential energy