1CINJ kg**-1Convective inhibition
3ZUSTm s**-1Friction velocity
4MEAN2TKMean temperature at 2 metres
5MEAN10WSm s**-1Mean of 10 metre wind speed
6MEANTCC(0 - 1)Mean total cloud cover
7DLmLake depth
8LMLTKLake mix-layer temperature
9LMLDmLake mix-layer depth
10LBLTKLake bottom temperature
11LTLTKLake total layer temperature
12LSHFdimensionlessLake shape factor
13LICTKLake ice temperature
14LICDmLake ice depth
15DNDZNm**-1Minimum vertical gradient of refractivity inside trapping layer
16DNDZAm**-1Mean vertical gradient of refractivity inside trapping layer
17DCTBmDuct base height
18TPLBmTrapping layer base height
19TPLTmTrapping layer top height
39SMkg m**-3Soil Moisture
131U10Nm s**-1Neutral wind at 10 m x-component
132V10Nm s**-1Neutral wind at 10 m y-component
134VTNOWDm s**-2V-tendency from non-orographic wave drag
136UTNOWDm s**-2U-tendency from non-orographic wave drag
139STKSoil Temperature
141SDmSnow Depth water equivalent
144SFkg m**-2Snow Fall water equivalent
164TCC%Total Cloud Cover
170CAPkg m**-3Field capacity
171WILTkg m**-3Wilting point
228TPkg m**-2Total Precipitation