US Navy - Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center

Center: 58
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 0

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

2PRMSLPapressure reduced to msl
3PTENDPa/spressure tendency
7HGTgpmgeopotential height
8DISTmgeometrical height
9HSTDEVmstd deviation of height
12VTMPKvirtual temperature
13POTKpotential temperature
14EPOTKpseudo-adiabatic potential temperature
15TMAXKmaximum temperature
16TMINKminimum temperature
17DPTKdewpoint temperature
18DEPRKdewpoint depression (or deficit)
19LAPRK/mlapse rate
21RDSP1non-dimradar spectra (1)
22RDSP2non-dimradar spectra (2)
23RDSP3non-dimradar spectra (3)
24PLIKparcel lifted index (to 500hPa)
25TMPAKtemperature anomaly
26PRESAPapressure anomaly
27GPAgpmgeopotential height anomaly
28WVSP1non-dimwave spectra (1)
29WVSP2non-dimwave spectra (2)
30WVSP3non-dimwave spectra (3)
31WDIRDegree truewind direction
32WINDm/swind speed
33UGRDm/swind u-component
34VGRDm/swind v-component
35STRMm*m/sstream function
36VPOTm*m/svelocity potential
37MNTSFm*m/s/smontgomery stream function
38SGCVV1/ssigma coordinate vertical velocity
39VVELPa/svertical velocity in Pa/s
40DZDTm/svertical velocity in m/s
41ABSV1/sabsolute vorticity
42ABSD1/sabsolute divergence
43RELV1/srelative vorticity
44RELD1/srelative divergence
45VUCSH1/svertical u-component shear
46VVCSH1/svertical v-component shear
47DIRCDegree truecurrent direction
48SPCm/scurrent speed
49UOGRDm/scurrent u-component
50VOGRDm/scurrent v-component
51SPFHkg/kgspecific humidity
52RH%relative humidity
53MIXRkg/kghumidity mixing ratio
54PWATkg/m/mprecipitable water
55VAPPPavapour pressure
56SATDPasaturation deficit
58CICEkg/m/mcloud ice
59PRATEkg/m/m/sprecipitaiton rate
60TSTM%thunderstorm probability
61APCPkg/m/mtotal precipitation
62NCPCPkg/m/mlarge scale precipitation
63ACPCPkg/m/mconvective precipitation
64SRWEQkg/m/m/ssnowfall rate water equivalent
65WEASDkg/m/mwater equivalent of accumulated snow depth
66SNODmsnow depth
67MIXHTmmixed layer depth
68TTHDPmtransient thermocline depth
69MTHDmmain thermocline depth
70MTHAmmain thermocline anomaly
71TCDC%total cloud cover
72CDCON%convective cloud cover
73LCDC%low cloud cover
74MCDC%medium cloud cover
75HCDC%high cloud cover
76CWATkg/m/mcloud water
77BLIKbest lifted index (to 500 hPa)
78SNOCkg/m/mconvective snow
79SNOLkg/m/mlarge scale snow
80WTMPKwater temperature
81LANDfractionland cover (1= land; 0= sea)
82DSLMmdeviation of sea-level from mean
83THmterrain height
85TSOILKsoil temperature
86SOILMkg/m/msoil moisture content
90WATRkg/m/mwater run-off
91ICECfractionice cover (1= ice; 0= no ice)
92ICETKmice thickness
93DICEDDegree trueice drift direction
94SICEDm/sice drift speed
95UICEm/sice drift u-component
96VICEm/sice drift v-component
97ICEGm/sice growth rate
98ICED1/sice divergence
99SNOMkg/m/msnow melt
100HTSGWmsignific height of combinedwind wave & swell
101WVDIRDegree truewind wave direction
102WVHGTmwind wave significant height
103WVPERswind wave mean period
104SWDIRDegree trueswell wave direction
105SWELLmswell wave significant height
106SWPERsswell wave mean period
107DIRPWDegree trueprimary wave direction
108PERPWsprimary wave mean period
109DIRSWDegree truesecondary wave direction
110PERSWssecondary wave mean period
111NSWRSW/m/mnet short-wave radiation (surface)
112NLWRSW/m/mnet long-wave radiation (surface)
113NSWRTW/m/mnet short-wave radiation (atmosphere top)
114NLWRTW/m/mnet long-wave radiation (atmosphere top)
115LWAVRW/m/mlong-wave radiation
116SWAVRW/m/mshort-wave radiation
117GRADW/m/mglobal radiation
118MAXWHmmax wave height
121LHTFLW/m/mlatent heat flux
122SHTFLW/m/msensible heat flux
123BLYDPW/m/mboundary layer dissipation
124UFLXN/m/mmomentum flux u-component
125VFLXN/m/mmomentum flux v-component
126WMIXEJwind mixing energy
127IMGDnon-dimimage data
132GMR1/ftgrad mod refc
133TGSKtemperature of ground or sea
140IUm/sice u-component
141IVm/sice v-component
145DHcmdynamic height
146TEKtemperature error
153WSUCN/m/mwind stress u component
154WSVCN/m/mwind stress v component
155WCP%white cap probability
160DSmdepth surface
162ESSTKEOTS sea surface temperature
170EDHmevaporation duct height
171GAIXXgeneral acoustic ix
178GBSLXXgradient below sound level
179SSSCXXstrength of shallow sound channel
196IC%ice coverage
197SSHDmsea sufrace height dorrection
209VSHmvisual sea height
210SSD500gpm500MB small scale disturbance
211RP500gpm500MB residual pattern
212LWP500gpm500MB long wave pattern
213MDHDegree truemagnetic ditch heading
218GWfractionground wetness
220MWHmmax wave height
221SLHFW/m/msensible latent heat flux
222THFW/m/mtotal heat flux
224SFAK/m/msurface frontal anal
226TKEJ/kgturbulent kinetic energy
230FLHmfreezing level height
234CHmceiling Height
236DSLmdepth of sound layer
250SRHFW/m/msolar radiation heat flux
255MVnon-dimmissing value