Japanese Meteorological Agency - Tokyo (RSMC)

Center: 34
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 3

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

1PRESPaSurface pressure
2PRMSLPaPressure reduced to MSL
4PVORTK m^2 kg^-1 s^-1Potential vorticity
7HGTgpmGeopotential height
8DISTmGeometric height
13POTKPotential temperature
15T_MAXKMaximum temperature
16T_MINKMinimum temperature
18DEPRKDewpoint depression (or deficit)
33U_GRDm s^-1u-component of wind
34V_GRDm s^-1v-component of wind
35STRMm^2 s^-1Stream function
36V_POTm^2 s^-1Velocity potential
37MNTSFm^2 s^-2Montgomery stream function
39V_VELPa s^-1Vertical velocity
43REL_Vs^-1Relative vorticity
44REL_Ds^-1Relative divergence
51SPF_Hkg kg^-1Specific humidity
52R_H%Relative humidity
54P_WATkg m^-2Precipitable water
61TPRATmm day^-16-hourly total precipitation rate
62NCPCPkg m^-2Large scale precipitation
63ACPCPkg m^-2Convective precipitation
64SRWEQkg m^-2 s^-1Snowfall rate water equivalent
65SNWEmWater equivalent snow depth
66SNOW_DmSnow depth
71T_CDC%Total cloud cover
73L_CDC%Low cloud cover
74M_CDC%Medium cloud cover
75H_CDC%High cloud cover
76C_WATkg m^-2Cloud water
80WTMPKSST and sea ice temperature (or temperature anomaly)
83SFC_RmSurface roughness
85SOILTKSoil temperature
86SOILWfraction or mmSoil wetness or water content
90ROFmm day^-1Surface runoff
91ICE_CfractionIce cover
118PRESMPaMean surface pressure
121LHTFLW m^-2Latent heat flux
122SHTFLW m^-2Sensible heat flux
124U_FLXN m^-2Momentum flux, u-component
125V_FLXN m^-2Momentum flux, v-component
132BVF21 s^-2Square of Brunt Vaisala frequency
136UGRDMm s^-1Surface 10m zonal wind
137VGRDMm s^-1Surface 10m meridional wind
138TMPMKSurface 2m air temperature
139SPFHMkg kg^-1Surface specific humidity
144TSCKCanopy temperature
145TSGKGround temperature
146CWORKJ kg^-1Cloud work function
147FGLUN m^-2U surface momentum flux by long gravity wave
148FGLVN m^-2V surface momentum flux by long gravity wave
151ADVUAm s^-1 day^-1Advective zonal acceleration
152VWVkg m^-1 s^-1Column total of meridional water vapor flux
154FGSVN m^-2V surface momentum flux by short gravity wave
155GFLXW m^-2Ground heat flux
157UWVkg m^-1 s^-1Column total of zonal water vapor flux
159FGSUN m^-2U surface momentum flux by short gravity wave
160CSUSFW m^-2Clear sky upward solar flux
161CSDSFW m^-2Clear sky downward solar flux
162CSULFW m^-2Clear sky upward long wave flux
163CSDLFW m^-2Clear sky downward long wave flux
165ADVVm s^-1 day^-1Advective meridional acceleration
168FRQP%Frequency of precipitation
169FRQC%Frequency of cumulus precipitation
173GWDUAm s^-1 day^-1Gravity wave zonal acceleration
174GWDVAm s^-1 day^-1Gravity wave meridional acceleration
175HGTmMean geopotential height
176UGRDMm s^-1Mean zonal wind
177VGRDMm s^-1Mean meridional wind
178VVELMPa s^-1Mean pressure vertical velocity
179TMPMKMean temperature
180SPFHMkg kg^-1Mean specific humidity
200VTU(K*Pa*m) s^-1Column total of TU
201VTV(K*Pa*m) s^-1Column total of TV
202LTRSW m^-2Evapotranspiration
203LINTW m^-2Interception loss
204DSWRFW m^-2Downward short wave radiation flux
205DLWRFW m^-2Downward long wave radiation flux
211USWRFW m^-2Upward short wave radiation flux
212ULWRFW m^-2Upward long wave radiation flux
218TTHMW m^-2Column total of diabatic heat
219WSMXm s^-1Maximum wind speed
220PRMXmm hr^-1Maximum hourly precipitation
222ADVHRK day^-1Advective heating rate
223MSCmmCanopy water content
224MSGmmGround water content
230MFLXBkg m^-2 s^-1Upward mass flux at cloud base
231MFLUXkg m^-2 s^-1Upward mass flux
236ADVMRkg kg^-1 day^-1Advective moistening rate
237OZONEppmOzone mass mixing ratio
239CNVUAm s^-1 day^-1Convective zonal acceleration
240CNVVAm s^-1 day^-1Convective meridional acceleration
241LRGHRK day^-1Large scale condensation heating rate
242CNVHRK day^-1Convective heating rate
243CNVMRkg kg^-1 day^-1Convective moistening rate
246VDFHRK day^-1Vertical diffusion heating rate
247VDFUAm s^-1 day^-1Vertical diffusion zonal acceleration
248VDFVAm s^-1 day^-1Vertical diffusion meridional acceleration
249VDFMRkg kg^-1 day^-1Vertical diffusion moistening rate
250SWHRK day^-1Solar radiative heating rate
251LWHRK day^-1Longwave radiative heating rate
253LRGMRkg kg^-1 day^-1Large scale moistening heating rate