US National Weather Service - NCEP (WMC)

Center: 7
Subcenter: 0
Parameter Table Version: 128

Usage: Oceanographic Parameters

Note: a text version of this table suitable for use as an NCL user-defined GRIB parameter table is available here

2PRMSLPaPressure reduced to MSL
3PTENDPa/sPressure tendency
4PVORTkm^2/kg/sPotential vorticity
5ICAHTMICAO Standard Atmosphere Reference Height
7HGTgpmGeopotential height
8DISTmGeometric height
9HSTDVmStd dev of height
10TOZONEDobsonTotal ozone
12VTMPKVirtual temperature
13POTKPotential temperature
14EPOTKPseudo-adiabatic potential temperature
15T_MAXKMaximum temperature
16T_MINKMinimum temperature
17DPTKDew point temperature
18DEPRKDew point depression
19LAPRK/mLapse rate
21RDSP1non-dimRadar spectra (1)
22RDSP2non-dimRadar spectra (2)
23RDSP3non-dimRadar spectra (3)
24PLIKParcel lifted index (to 500 hPa)
25TMP_AKTemperature anomaly
26PRESAPaPressure anomaly
27GPAgpmGeopotential height anomaly
28WVSP1non-dimWave spectra (1)
29WVSP2non-dimWave spectra (2)
30WVSP3non-dimWave spectra (3)
31WDIRdegWind direction
32WINDm/sWind speed
33U_GRDm/su-component of wind
34V_GRDm/sv-component of wind
35STRMm^2/sStream function
36V_POTm^2/sVelocity potential
37MNTSFm^2/s^2Montgomery stream function
38SGCVV/sSigma coord. vertical velocity
39V_VELPa/sPressure vertical velocity
40DZDTm/sGeometric vertical velocity
41ABS_V/sAbsolute vorticity
42ABS_D/sAbsolute divergence
43REL_V/sRelative vorticity
44REL_D/sRelative divergence
45VUCSH/sVertical u-component shear
46VVCSH/sVertical v-component shear
47DIR_CdegDirection of current
48SP_Cm/sSpeed of current
49UOGRDm/su-component of current
50VOGRDm/sv-component of current
51SPF_Hkg/kgSpecific humidity
52R_H%Relative humidity
53MIXRkg/kgHumidity mixing ratio
54P_WATkg/m^2Precipitable water
55VAPPPaVapor pressure
56SAT_DPaSaturation deficit
58C_ICEkg/m^2Cloud Ice
59PRATEkg/m^2/sPrecipitation rate
60TSTM%Thunderstorm probability
61A_PCPkg/m^2Total precipitation
62NCPCPkg/m^2Large scale precipitation
63ACPCPkg/m^2Convective precipitation
64SRWEQkg/m^2/sSnowfall rate water equivalent.
65WEASDkg/m^2Water equivalent of accum. snow depth
66SNO_DmSnow depth
67MIXHTmMixed layer depth
68TTHDPmTransient thermocline depth
69MTHDmMain thermocline depth
70MTH_AmMain thermocline anomaly
71T_CDC%Total cloud cover
72CDCON%Convective cloud cover
73L_CDC%Low level cloud cover
74M_CDC%Mid level cloud cover
75H_CDC%High level cloud cover
76C_WATkg/m^2Cloud water
77BLIKBest lifted index (to 500 hPa)
78SNO_Ckg/m^2Convective snow
79SNO_Lkg/m^2Large scale snow
80WTMPKWater temperature
81LANDfractionLand-sea mask (land=1;sea=0)
82DSL_MmDeviation of sea level from mean
83SFC_RmSurface roughness
85TSOILKSoil temperature
86SOIL_Mkg/m^2Soil moisture content
90WATRkg/m^2Water runoff
91ICE_CfractionIce concentration (ice=1;no ice=0)
92ICETKmIce thickness
93DICEDdegDirection of ice drift
94SICEDm/sSpeed of ice drift
95U_ICEm/su-component of ice drift
96V_ICEm/sv-component of ice drift
97ICE_Gm/sIce growth rate
98ICE_D/sIce divergence
99SNO_Mkg/m^2Snow melt
100HTSGWmSig height of wind waves and swell
101WVDIRdegDirection of wind waves
102WVHGTmSignificant height of wind waves
103WVPERsMean period of wind waves
104SWDIRdegDirection of swell waves
105SWELLmSignificant height of swell waves
106SWPERsMean period of swell waves
107DIRPWdegPrimary wave direction
108PERPWsPrimary wave mean period
109DIRSWdegSecondary wave direction
110PERSWsSecondary wave mean period
111NSWRSW/m^2Net short wave radiation (surface)
112NLWRSW/m^2Net long wave radiation(surface)
113NSWRTW/m^2Net short wave radiation (top)
114NLWRTW/m^2Net long wave radiation (top)
115LWAVRW/m^2Long wave radiation
116SWAVRW/m^2Short wave radiation
117G_RADW/m^2Global radiation
118BRTMPKBrightness temperature
119LWRADW/m/srRadiance with respect to wave no.
120SWRADW/m^3/srRadiance with respect ot wave len.
121LHTFLW/m^2Latent heat flux
122SHTFLW/m^2Sensible heat flux
123BLYDPW/m^2Boundary layer dissipation
124U_FLXN/m^2Momentum flux, u component
125V_FLXN/m^2Momentum flux, v component
126WMIXEJWind mixing energy
127IMG_DnoneImage data
128AVDEPTHmOcean depth - mean
129DEPTHmOcean depth - instantaneous
130ELEVmOcean surface elevation relative to geoid
131MXEL24mMax ocean surface elevation in last 24 hours
132MNEL24mMin ocean surface elevation in last 24 hours
135O2Mol/kgOxygen (O2 (aq))
139CO2AQMol/kgCO2 (aq)
146S11non-dimS11 - 1,1 component of ice stress tensor
147S12non-dimS12 - 1,2 component of ice stress tensor
148S22non-dimS22 - 2,2 component of ice stress tensor
149INV1non-dimT1 - First invariant of stress tensor
150INV2non-dimT2 - First invariant of stress tensor
155WVRGHnon-dimWave roughness
156WVSTRSnon-dimWave stresses
157WHITEnon-dimWhitecap coverage
158SWDIRWIDnon-dimSwell direction width
159SWFREWIDnon-dimSwell frequency width
160WVAGEnon-dimWave age
161PWVAGEnon-dimPhysical Wave age
165LTURBmMaster length scale (turbulence)
170AIHFLXW/m^2Net air-ice heat flux
171AOHFLXW/m^2Net air-ocean heat flux
172IOHFLXW/m^2Net ice-ocean heat flux
173IOSFLXkg/sNet ice-ocean salt flux
175OMLTKOcean mixed layer temperature
176OMLSkg/kgOcean mixed layer salinity
177P2OMLTkg/m^3Ocean mixed layer potential density (Referenced to 2000m)
178OMLUm/sOcean mixed layer u velocity
179OMLVm/sOcean mixed layer v velocity
180ASHFLW/m^2Assimilative heat flux
181ASSFLmm/dayAssimilative salt flux
182BOTLDmBottom layer depth
183UBAROm/sBarotropic U velocity
184VBAROm/sBarotropic V velocity
185INTFDmInterface depths
186WTMPCdeg c3-D temperature
187SALINpsu3-D Salinity
188EMNPcm/dayEvaporation - precipitation
190KENGJ/kgKinetic energy
191BKENGJ/kgBarotropic Kinetic energy
192LAYTHmLayer Thickness
193SSTTdeg/daySurface temperature trend
194SSSTpsu/daySurface salinity trend
254REVnon-dimRelative error variance