Installing ncarg-v4.0 on OpenSuse 11.3

From: Jemma Wu <jemma.wu_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Feb 13 2011 - 18:33:51 MST


I have a bunch of old Fortran applications (mid 90s) which were written with
ncarg-v4.0 on an Alpha machine. Now I am trying to migrate those Fortran
programs to a new Intel Core 2 x86-64 machine installed with OpenSuse 11.3
(64 bit) OS.

I am attempting to install ncarg-v4.0 from the source code which was
saved (around mid 90s) on the old Alpha machine . I am trying to build it
with the Intel compilers (ifort and icc). I followed the installation
documentations from I
have got lots of compilation errors.

Before I post and ask about those compilation errors, I'd like to ask a
couple of basic questions about ncarg-v4.0.

1. Does the ncarg-v4.0 support my new hardware, operating system and

2. Is the source code of ncarg-v4.0 still available for downloading
somewhere? I suspect that my older version of the v4.0 source code doesn't
support my new environment.

I appreciate your kind help.


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