Vector Plot - Showing ZERO FIELD

From: Syed Hassan Gilani <gilani.hassan_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu Aug 18 2011 - 08:11:10 MDT


I have an ncarf77 program running on SGI Machine. The program is actually
generating a Charts with Wind vectors via using *VVINIT* function.
I have moved the application to AIX machine, but the same program doesnt
work on AIX. Instead of plotting vector arrows its plotting *ZERO FIELD *on
the chart.

Following are the function parameters

VVINIT ( 2D var, 1D var, 2D var, 1D var, 0, 1D var, 1D var, 1D var, 0, 0)

Can help to advice on this, if possible (wat conditions could cause a ZERO
FIELD flag to get enabled), tks


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