Re: What linux distro allows easy install of NCL 6.0.0 precompiled binaries?

From: Noble, Erik U. (GSFC)[COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY] <erik.u.noble_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Aug 31 2011 - 18:53:25 MDT

Hi Dave.
I'll try to answer this in 5 sentences or less ( as suggested by your signature :-).
Easiest solution is #1, although you should be able to run the NCL pre-copiled binary along with the netcdf 4.1.1.
Have you tried this?
If you run into problems, try #3.
Avoid option 3 unless you are with a group who is running some sort of enterprise licensed distribution version of linux (for example SUSE SLES-11, not the free version).
On Aug 31, 2011, at 6:52 PM, Thomas Burns wrote:

>> I want to install NCL 6.0.0. I looked at using a box running fedora
>> 14. On the download page for binaries for 6.0 (NCL Version 6.0.0
>> precompiled binaries, not OPeNDAP-enabled) it says, "These binaries
>> were compiled against NetCDF-4.1.2 with OPeNDAP support disabled." The
>> most current Fedora 14 rpm is version 4.1.1, so I am denied.
>> I can think of 3 alternatives:
>> 1) Update netcdf (and any other dependencies) on FC14 by hand, then
>> install NCL binaries.
>> 2) Try to compile from source (despite the dire warning in
>> INSTALL.txt: "We highly recommend that you use a precompiled NCL
>> binary rather than attempting a build from source code").
>> 3) Install some other distro that definitely is compatible with NCL
>> 6.0 precompiled binaries, and install the binaries.
>> #3 seems best to me. I want to install the OS, update the packages
>> with yum or apt or whatever (no compilation or special sauce), follow
>> the NCL install instructions for the precompiled binaries, and be
>> done. Which linux distros fit this spec?
>> mahalo,
>> Dave
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