hovmoller diagram for ECMWF data

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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 16:59:11 -0500


I have an ECMWF GRIB file with data of potential vorticity at
different time, theta level, longitude and latitude.
The time is "initial_time0" given in the form yyyy:mm:dd:h.

I would like to plot a hovmoller diagram (time vs. longitude)
of the potential vorticity (at a specific latitude and theta level).

I was thinking of ploting it in a similar way to example gsun08n.ncl
by storing the GRIB variables (PV_GDS4_THEL, initial_time0 and
g4_lon_6) into local NCL variables (z,y and x respectively).

I have a problem with the time though. I know I can convert the time array
to hours using grib_stime2itime but my pv (PV_GDS4_THEL) is still
in the form yyyy:mm:dd:h
This is a problem when I calling "natgrids".

Anyone knows how can I solve it?

Thanks, Roni
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