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From: Scott Capps <scapps_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 14:08:19 -0700


I am trying to place a FillValue where bad data is residing. The
wvc_asc array (same size and shape as u_asc) determines where bad data
is located. For all u_asc indicies with zero wind speeds, check to see
if wvc_asc is also zero. If it is, place a @_FillValue at that index of
the u_asc array.

This works just fine but, I want to limit my use of do....loops within NCL:
    u_asc@_FillValue = -999.0

    if (any(u_asc.eq.0)) then

      ds = dimsizes(u_asc)

      do idxlat=0,ds(0)-1
        do idxlon=0,ds(1)-1
          if (u_asc(idxlat,idxlon).eq.0) then
            if (wvc_asc(idxlat,idxlon).eq.0) then
            end if
          end if
        end do
      end do
   end if

Here is a more effecient way that I am trying to accomplish this but, it
is not producing the same results as the do....loop above:

   if (any(u_asc.eq.0)) then
      u_asc1D = ndtooned (u_asc) ;convert to 1D array
      wvc_asc1D = ndtooned (wvc_asc) ;convert to 1D array

      i0 = ind(u_asc1D.eq.0) ;all indices eq 0
      if (any(wvc_asc1D(i0).eq.0)) then
        iwvc0 = ind(wvc_asc1D(i0).eq.0)
       u_asc1D(iwvc0) = -999.0
      end if
      u_asc = onedtond(u_asc1D, dimsizes(u_asc));return to the original
      delete (wvc_asc1D)
      delete (u_asc1D)
      delete (i0)
      delete (iwvc0)
    end if

Any suggestions?

Thank you,

Scott Capps
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