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From: Kyle Wilcox <Kyle.Wilcox_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 13:43:30 -0400

I have been working on making a simple XY plot of a variable vs. time
for a few 'moments' now. I have come to a brick wall, and have come up
with three ~possible~ ways of doing it correctly.

I need to relate the Y-axis to a time variable, but I read the variable
in as a UNIX timestamps. I can correctly convert it to a human friendly
date, but I can not seem to find a way to show them as the X-axis
without using tmXBMode = "Explicit". Doing 'Explicit' does its own tick
placement, and thus makes the graph useless to me. A link below is to a
PostScript file with some examples. The graphs on the right (plots 1
and 3) have the correct tick placement, but wrong date format, and the
graph on the bottom left (plot 2) has the correct date format, but wrong
tick placement. I also link below to the NCL file that made the graphs
for anyone who would need to look at it.

PS file:
NCL script:

The netCDF in the NCL script can be found on OpenDap server here:
and downloadable file here:

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Kyle Wilcox
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