ncl script problem

From: Chao Luo <cluo_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 15:04:46 -0700


I am trying to plot fraction of each dust bin emission to total
emission. Since in many regions the total emissions are zero. So I need
to set Fill value for zero numbers in these region in case of divided
by zero. But the error message: Subscript out of range. Is there any
better ways for this?



 part of my script is like:

 diri = "/data3/chaoluo/camdst/cam3019aersombf/"
 fl_mdl_3 = addfile(diri+"","r")
 sfmbl = fl_mdl_3->DSTSFMBL(0,:,:)
 sfmblx01 = fl_mdl_3->DSTX01SF(0,:,:)

 frc1 = new((/nlat,nlon/),float)
 do ilon=0,nlon-1
 do ilat=0,nlat-1
 if (sfmbl(ilon,ilat).ne.0.) then
 end if
 end do
 end do
 print (frc1)

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