Segmentation error when regridding

From: Will Hobbs <whobbs_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 17:26:38 PDT
('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) Hi

I am running the following script on tempest, which regrids a GODAS data
file, first in the vertical and then horizontal. I keep getting
Segmentation errors, which we thought initially were due to limited
stacksize, and so I've added loops into the regridding to reduce the
array size being processed at any onoe time - still getting Segmentation
errors. I know from the print statements that it fails during the first
regrid (i.e. interpolating depth).

Any ideas where Ican go from here? Is there anything wrong with the script?

(The script and data files are all on tempest at /ptmp/whobbs/)


;data file locations
  Diri0 = ""

  Fil1 = ""
  Fil2 = ""

;Read in data

  print("reading w data")

;read in grid data

  f1 = addfile(Diri0+Fil1, "r")
  depth = f1->depth

  f2 = addfile(Diri0+Fil2, "r")
  tlon = f2->tlon
  tlat = f2->tlat({-90.:0.})
  time = f2->time

  x = f2->DZDT(:,:,{-90.:0.},:)

  scale = x_at_scale_factor ;convert to float (error in short2flt)
  offs = x_at_add_offset


  w = (x * scale) + offs

;copy required attributes

  wAtt = 0.
  wAtt@_FillValue = short2flt(x@_FillValue)
  wAtt_at_units = x_at_units
  wAtt_at_long_name = x_at_long_name
  wAtt_at_vMin_user_specified = x_at_vMin_user_specified
  wAtt_at_vMax_user_specified = x_at_vMax_user_specified
  wAtt_at_vRange = x_at_vRange


;regrid vertical

  print("regridding w (z)")

  w!0 = "time" ;dim names for reordering
  w!1 = "DEPTH"
  w!2 = "tlat"
  w!3 = "tlon"

  ntim = dimsizes(time) ;dim sizes for new array
  ndepth = dimsizes(depth)
  ntlat = dimsizes(tlat)
  ntlon = dimsizes(tlon)

  w_1 = new((/ ntim, ntlat, ntlon, ndepth/), typeof(w))

  do tt = 0, ntim-1

      w_1(tt,:,:,:) = (/ linint1(DEPTH, w(time|tt, tlat|:, tlon|:,
DEPTH|:), Fa
lse, depth, 0) /)

  end do


;regrid horizontal

  print("regridding w (x & y)")

  w_1!0 = "time" ;dim names for reordering
  w_1!1 = "depth"
  w_1!2 = "tlat"
  w_1!3 = "tlon"

  ulon = f1->ulon ;new lat/lon coord arrays
  ulat = f1->ulat({-90.:0.})

  nulat = dimsizes(ulat) ;new array dimsizes
  nulon = dimsizes(ulon)

  w_2 = new((/ntim, ndepth, nulat, nulon/), typeof(w_1))

  do zz = 0, ndepth-1

       w_2(:,zz,:,:) = (/ linint2(tlon(TXMin:TXMax),
tlat(TYMin:TYMax), w_1(t
ime|:, depth|zz, tlat|:, tlon|:), True, ulon(UXMin:UXMax),
ulat(UYMin:UYMax), 0)

   end do



;Write w data to file

  print("creating w file")

  Fil4 = ""

;w file

 system("rm "+diri0+FIL4)

 fw = addfile(diri0+FIL4, "c")

;file attributes

 fAtt = True
 fAtt_at_title = "GODAS DZDT"
 fAtt_at_source_file = FIL2
 fAtt_at_conventions = "none"
 fAtt_at_creation_date = systemfunc ("date")

 fileattdef( fw, fAtt)


 wdimz = dimsizes(w_2)

 dimNames = (/"time","depth", "ulat", "ulon"/)
 dimLength = (/-1, wdimz(1), wdimz(2), wdimz(3)/)
 dimUnlim = (/True, False, False, False/)

 filedimdef(fw, dimNames, dimLength, dimUnlim)

;file variables

 filevardef(fw, "time", typeof(time), "time")
 filevardef(fw, "depth", typeof(depth), "depth")
 filevardef(fw, "ulat", typeof(ulat), "ulat")
 filevardef(fw, "ulon", typeof(ulon), "ulon")
 filevardef(fw, "DZDT", typeof(w_2), (/"time","depth","ulat","ulon"/))

;variable attributes

 filevarattdef(fw, "time", time)
 filevarattdef(fw, "depth", depth)
 filevarattdef(fw, "ulat", ulat)
 filevarattdef(fw, "ulon", ulon)
 filevarattdef(fw, "DZDT", wAtt)

;copy data to file

 fw->time = (/time/)
 fw->depth = (/depth/)
 fw->ulat = (/ulat/)
 fw->ulon = (/ulon/)
 fw->DZDT = (/w_2/)



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