Regridding Efficiently?

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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 14:17:06 -0400

Regridding is a common task and NCL has a dozen methods. But I can't
figure out how to do it
efficiently. I have 2-d arrays of longitude and latitude which are
messy curvilinear grids. I had to treat them as one-d scatter data
points, so I use nnpnt. Is there a way to save the spatial wieghts
which are used for the regridding so they don't have to be re-calculated
for each field inside my do loop:

do namtime = 0, dimtime-1


  nnpntinit( lon_nam1,lat_nam1,ndtooned(uwind(namtime,:,:)));
  uw= nnpnt(lon_rho1,lat_rho1);
  out->Uwind(itime,:,:) =doubletofloat(onedtond( uw, dimsrho))

  nnpntinit( lon_nam1,lat_nam1,ndtooned(vwind(namtime,:,:)));
  uw= nnpnt(lon_rho1,lat_rho1);
  out->Vwind(itime,:,:) =doubletofloat(onedtond( uw, dimsrho))
 end do

Tom Gross

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