Re: ncl in crontab ???

From: Rick Grubin <grubin_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 16:00:53 -0600

Hi Ozan

> Is there anyone who can make NCL run in crontab??

Disclaimer: I just tried to run NCL via cron for the first time.

> While all my other commands run normally in crontab, ncl does not,
> though it's in the same script with the other commands! When I run
> it manually, it works.

I set up a simple script to execute NCL's "system()" command to
create a zero-length file in my home directory.

> Below is my code. Directory "test" is successfully created in
> directory "otomat". The ncl script and its input file is also in
> "otomat". What I am doing wrong? (I am doing this on a Debian)
> #!/bin/bash
> NCARG_ROOT=/usr/local/ncl
> export NCARG_ROOT
> PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/ncl
> export PATH
> pushd /home/ozanmert/otomat
> mkdir test
> ncl sicaklikgoster.ncl

cron is somewhat notorious for not necessarily executing in a user's
expected environment. By default, cron sets:


If you want your .profile executed, you must explicitly do so in the
crontab entry or in a script called by that entry.

I essentially duplicated what you're doing, but made sure my script
had full pathnames specified for the NCL binary, and the file
containing NCL commands. Doing this did work.


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