large netCDF file writing

From: Josh Hacker <hacker_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 14:45:50 -0600

Hi folks,

I want to write arrays to a large file without waiting until next week.
 Although this may be a crazy thing to do, I have a good reason to try.
 The file size is about 46G, and I am writing 2250x2250 2D arrays and
2250x2250x100 3D arrays.

The file has already been created with ncgen. The dimensions and
variables are thus pre-defined. No attributes are written, e.g. (/*/).
 Although I didn't believe most of these would work, I have tried the
following with no noticeable difference:

1. Reversing the order of my variable list, which I am looping through
as I write each variable.

2. Setting the file option "PreFill" to false.

3. Copying my output array, which is a subset of an internal NCL
array, to a temporary variable for write.

Thoughts, ideas?

versions and platform:
NCAR Command Language Version 4.2.0.a033
netCDF 3.6.0
uname -m: x86_64


Joshua Hacker
Research Applications Laboratory
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fax: 303-497-8401
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