Re: large netCDF file writing

From: Charlie Zender <zender_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 11:44:44 -0700


>> The netCDF operator ncks has a possible bug on 64-bit machines, that
>> results in a seg fault when a hyperslab is asked for, so I couldn't use
>> those.

NCO is not bug-free but it has passed all of our large file and 64-bit
test cases for years and as far as we know, works on large files on
64-bit machines for everyone except you.
If you think you have found a bug, we would appreciate hearing
about it directly.
Try to allow us the opportunity to identify/fix the
problem before spreading doubt.

NCO sets data prefill to false by default for the fastest possible
performance. However, writing extreemely large files can still be
excruciatingly slow because of disk-blocking bottlenecks below the
netCDF layer. Fortunately, NCO provides the --header_pad switch
to reserve room for extra metadata for files, so modifying a huge
file does not necessarily take very long compared to the initial


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