Re: skew-t plot; 2 situations in one plot.

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Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2006 20:34:06 +0100 (CET)

Hi again,
Thanks for the help! Some more questions appeared though;
For one of the situations, I am trying to move the vertical line upon
which the wind barbs are plotted to either the left or right. ie. I want
to make two "wind graphs". I tried to find some clues at line567 in
skewt_func.ncl but didn't succed.
Also, I am trying to plot the td and tc in some different colors for one
of the cases, to be able to tell the plots apart. I managed to draw the
wind barbs in different colors, but not the tc and td graphs.. I tried
with the following, also found in skewt_func.ncl:

  yp = skewty (p)
  xtc = skewtx (tc , yp) ; T-P plot
  gsOpts_at_gsLineColor = colTemperature
  gsn_polyline (wks,skewt_bkgd,xtc ,yp,gsOpts)

  xtdc = skewtx (tdc, yp) ;Dew Pt-P plot
  gsOpts_at_gsLineColor = colDewPt
  gsn_polyline (wks,skewt_bkgd,xtdc,yp,gsOpts)

..not sure if this is the right way to do it..
I get the following error if I try this:
fatal:Number of dimensions in parameter (0) of (skewtx) is (3), (1)
dimensions were expected
If this way should work, do you have any idea of how do describe tc as 1d?

Thank you!

>> To be able to compare2 different situations, I am trying to make a
>> skew-t
>> plot with data from these situations in the same plot; i.e a plot with 2
>> different tc graphs, 2 different td graphs, and 2 different wind graphs.
>> It seems like the function skewT_PlotData only can read 1d data so I am
>> not sure of how to do this.
>> I have seen plots like this in grads but wonder how to do it in ncl.
>> Does
>> anyone have an idea?
>> I am using wrf_out netcdf-files. I am not sure if that matters though..
>> _______________________________________________
> The following should work.
> skewt_bkgd = skewT_BackGround (wks, skewtOpts)
> draw (skewt_bkgd)
> [1]
> skewt_data_1 = skewT_PlotData(wks, skewt_bkgd, p1,tc1,tdc1,z1 \
> , wspd1,wdir1, dataOpts)
> draw (skewt_data_1)
> skewt_data_2 = skewT_PlotData(wks, skewt_bkgd, p2,tc2,tdc2,z2 \
> , wspd2,wdir2, dataOpts)
> draw (skewt_data_2)
> frame(wks)
> or
> [2] p[*,*] ie 2D
> do n=0,N-1
> skewt_data = skewT_PlotData (wks, skewt_bkgd,
> p(n,:),tc(n,:),tdc(n,:),z(n,:) \
> , wspd(n,:),wdir(n,:), dataOpts)
> draw (skewt_data)
> end do
> frame(wks)

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