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I may have missed a response to this, if so I apologize, but you may
want to look at the FWTools package to convert shapefiles to text, which
I found not too painful for my application. Specifically, the ogr2ogr
command line utility within the package allows for type conversion
between a variety of GIS related formats - perhaps directly to hdf or
netcdf according to the documentation, though I haven't tried this
personally. I converted a shapefile to a Mapinfo file (MIF format) which
is a text format file of lon/lat pairs for each defined region that you
could then potentially read in with ncl. Good luck.

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> Hi Michael,
> I meant to respond to this yesterday, but got swept up in a user
> problem.
> NCL currently doesn't have any way to deal with shapefiles, but it is
> a hot topic for the developers right now.
> The classic NetCDF model (NetCDF-3), which NCL is based on, is not a
> good model for shapefiles given their structure. The NetCDF-4 model is
> a better fit, but NCL doesn't fully support this yet.
> We will continue to discuss this and keep folks posted.
> Meanwhile, I tried to google this topic, but mostly, it seems there
> netcdf-to-shapefiles applications, rather than the other way around.
> Does anybody else have some suggestions for Michael?
> --Mary
> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Michael Notaro wrote:
>> I am interested in using the arcview shapefiles
>> included on this website:
>> Is there any way in NCL to read them or convert them
>> to another format, like netcdf, ascii, etc?
>> I noticed that there was a similar email like this a couple
>> of years ago to ncl-talk with a suggestion to use python
>> but I am not familiar with python. Perhaps something new
>> has been added to NCL since then.
>> Michael
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