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Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 17:28:58 +0100

Dear Mary,

Sorry for the late response. Here are some answers to you comments and

> I sure hope we can get a good PNG driver out. I'm not sure why the
> experimental one is so slow. What were the times for it?

We've rerun the benchmark with the experimental PNG driver of NCL. It's
a bit hard to compare, as both MetView and NCL(eps->pstoimg) make
antialiased plots. We've tried to choose a size/resolution which would
result in more or less the same quality of image.

        PS Plot Conversion to png Total
                      convert pstoimg
MetView (46) 50
NCL 28 26 18 46
NCL(png) 128

Especially the fonts render very badly in the NCL(png) version.

> From the NCL end, does it make a difference if you start with a "ps"
> rather than an "eps" file?

Yes, this didn't change the timings. This is to be expected, as output a
ps simply adds a few lines to the eps.

> Would it be possible for you to provide us with all the data files and
> scripts so we can look at things here? You can email me offline about
> this.

I will send you the test case offline.

> > - We will probably start introducing NCL operationally for
> the first few
> > plots quite soon... :-)
> Glad to hear that. :-)

We had some discussions concerning the operational use of NCL. In that
context it would be interesting to have some feedback on the following
- What are the long term plans of NCAR for NCL?
- Are you aware of any other offices using NCL operationally?

> It should be there, as we include ctrans with all distributions of
> NCL. Did you build from source code? If so, perhaps ctrans didn't
> build successfully.

No, I simply downloaded the compile binaries for my platform. The ctrans
binary does not seem to be present in the bin/ directory. I will mail
you my machine specs offline.

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