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I am trying to run a set of HDF examples listed on the NCL web site:


I have NCL version 5.0.0 under Debian Linux and Solaris.


1. The examples eosdis_1.ncl through eosdis_4.ncl refer to the HDF file eos.hdf. Is this file available? I wasn't able to locate it in the data files section:


2. The example eosdis_5.ncl refers to the HDF file MOD35_L2.A2001094.0530.004.2003017124059.hdf. This file is not on your web site but there is a similar-looking file MOD05_L2.A2002161.1830.004.2003221153410.hdf. I had to modify some of the NCL script to read it but the script seems to 'hang' at the step: map = gsn_csm_contour_map(wks, cmfov, res) ; map - there is no error message; after a few minutes I pressed Ctrl-C to abort. I have attached the modified script. Note: I am not a 'proper' NCL user at this stage although I do make much use of NCAR Graphics! The main change (apart from the HDF filename) is:
         cldmsk = f->Cloud_Mask_QA(:,:) ; read data for first byte [NCL starts at 0]
By the way, the HDF example: works fine - the required data file was on your web site.
Essentially, I just wanted some HDF-related scripts to pass on to a graduate student as it appears he will be accessing similar data files - it is always good to have a working example or two!




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