wrf_dbz/version 5.1.0 on bluefire

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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 11:24:50 -0700

Hello All,

I attempted to load NCL Version 5.1.0 up to /ptmp/jwsmith with the
process below.
Version 5.1.0 is still in beta testing. You can try it now by doing
the following:

  - Set the environment variable NCARG_ROOT to /contrib/ncl-5.0.1-beta

       setenv NCARG_ROOT /contrib/ncl-5.0.1-beta


      export NCARG_ROOT= /contrib/ncl-5.0.1-beta

  - Make sure you do not have NCARG_LIB set to anything.

  - Make sure /contrib/ncl-5.0.1-beta/bin is on your search path
before /usr/local/bin.

      set path=($NCARG_ROOT/bin $path)


     export PATH=$NCARG_ROOT/bin:$PATH

Once you do the above, you can type:

  ncl -V

to verify that you are running 5.0.1-beta

Note that the version is "5.0.1-beta", but this will be renamed to
5.1.0 at release time.

Mary Haley sent me this process 2 months ago in response to a question
I had about reflectivity. I have had trouble getting the 5.1.0-beta
to work. In this process, I was not sure what you meant by - Make
sure you do not have NCARG_LIB set to anything.

Also, in the case that I cannot get v5.1.0 to work, are there any
scripts that calculate reflectivity in v5.0?

Thank you,


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