Problem with WRAPIT

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Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 14:44:13 +0100

I'm trying to integrate a piece of Fortran code into NCL using WRAPIT
and I'm getting the following strange error message...
> WRAPIT -gf WILD.stub WILD.f90
WRAPIT Version: 090115
A syntax error occurred while parsing:

The shared library is generated but when I try to access it from NCL
using the external statement, NCL complains with the following error
ncl 0> external WILD "./"
warning:Could not find Init() in external file ./, file not
warning:error at line 0

When I compile the WILD.f90 file by simply using gfortran, everything
works fine without warning. The corresponding WILD.f90 and WILD.stub
files are attached. WRAPIT for the examples given on the NCL webpage
works fine for both .f and .f90 source files.
Any ideas or help is appreciated!


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