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I have a question about reading multiple files. From a list of 100
netcdf files (50 U
wind and 50 V wind) I need to calculate the wind speed. Each of my
files refers to a year
of data (4x daily), for example,, and so on...

After I compute the windspeed (sqrt(u2+v2)) for all years and for each
timestep, I need
to compute, per grid point, the number of 'events' in which the wind
speed was between
certain thresholds.

This means that I need to calculate the wind speed and then
concatenate/append each time
step for all years. What is the 'NCL' way of doing that?

Let's suppose I try the sequence:

   fili = systemfunc("ls *.nc")
   nfili = dimsizes(fili)
   (A) emptymatrix = ??????
   do i=0,nfili-1
   (B) emptymatrix = ???? CONCATENATE/APPEND VALUES ????
   end do

One way of doing that would be to create an empty matrix (as shown in
A) and then to
concatenate the new values (as shown in B). This way, I would have a
new matrix which
would contain wind speed data for all years (4x daily).

Which would be the optimal procedure to do that in NCL?

I thank you so much in advance!


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