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Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 17:12:17 +0200

Hi ncl-talk,

I am somewhat confused about which variables I need to keep until the
end of my scripts and which ones I can delete on the fly... Here's a
generic example script...

pl = new(6,graphic)
do i=0,5
  mp = gsn_map(...)
  gg = gsn_add_polyline(mp, ...)
  cn = gsn_contour(...)
  pl(i) = overlay( (/mp,cn/) )
end do

The script contains a base map (mp), an additional polyline (gg) drawn
onto each map, a contour plot (cn) and an overlay (pl) of the map and
the contour. In the end, the overlays are put into a panel plot. Since
the pl are panelled, they must be allocated as an array before the loop
and kept in memory. My question now is, if the mp, gg and cn need to be
handled the same way as pl (allocate beforehand and kept in memory) or
if deleting them is ok.

Thanks for any advice,


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