From: vishal vijay dixit <v2dixit_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: 2 Jun 2009 04:26:36 -0000

Hello,I am trying to plot wheeler kiladis diagrams with wkspacetime for daily mean NCEP/NCAR - OLR datasets with NCL 5.1.0.I had 2 doubts about the same:1. Is it possible to plot WK diagram for a particular time-longitude section ( say 1 Jan'87 - 1 June'87&nbsp; for longitudes 100E - 120 E ) with the help of wkspacetime or wkspacetime_cam.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I saw diagnostics_cam; It seems latL= 0 E and latR= 360 E are hardcoded. How to change them?2. How to take out the difference between two wheeler-kiladis diagrams ( which are plotted for same w,k domain )Any help in this regard is appreciated.Thank youVishal

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