Re: Attached plots problem

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 9 Jun 2009 13:56:57 -0600 (MDT)

Hi Valentina,

I think what's happening is that you are trying to take a plot
that has already been attached to another plot, and attach a plot
to it.

Once you attach a plot to another plot, that attached plot is
in such a state that you can't overlay or attach additional
plots to it. You also can't draw it separately. This is
where the weird error message is coming from.

In your case, you're attaching plot(1) to plot(0), and then trying to
attach plot(2) to plot(1).

Maybe you can try this instead:

   attachid1 = gsn_attach_plots(plot(0),(/plot(1),plot(2)/),attachres1,attachres2)

Then, you won't need to call gsn_panel either.


On Tue, 9 Jun 2009, Valentina Sicardi wrote:

> Hallo,
> I am trying to plot some attached plots.
> I would like to plot the data for 12 stations plotted attached and
> distributed over 4 rows and 3 columns.
> Here I attach the script. I tried to follow all the suggestions/examples
> found in the web, but I fail at some point.
> In this script I tried to attach the first 4 plots and the result is
> really bizarre; I get the following warning message:
> warning:NhlDraw: cannot draw Plot Member, ID 73, independently
> I would like to change a couple of things as well
> - I would like to put the name of the stations inside the plot frame
> - On the x axis (of the panels at the bottom) I would like to have 18
> ticks labeled from January to June (what I plot here is the seasonal
> cycle for two time periods for 12 stations).
> I would really appreciate any help.
> Thank you
> Valentina
> P.S. Hallo Dennis, Hallo Mary :)!
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