Setting Title Resources in the WRF functions

From: Don Morton <morton_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2009 12:27:22 -0800


I'm really getting to like these WRF-specific functions. I'm getting
confused, however, on what resources to use for "tweaking" the
graphics. I see that there are some suggestions at


These have helped a lot, but not completely. I'm trying to re-position
and resize a main title (which is just the timestamp), and it ain't
working for me. If you look at


what I'm trying to do is center the timestamp "title" and change its
font and/or size to make it more readable. I can send the complicated
script if somebody wants, but I'm trying to save you the agony by
excerpting the relevant portions below. I've tried playing around with
things like "resPlot_at_MainTitlePos" and "resPlot_at_PlotTitlePos" (I don't
even know if the latter is a valid resource, but I didn't get any
complaints). I've also played with some of the traditional
txFontHeightF types of resources, to no avail. I tried looking in
"wrf/WRFUserARW.ncl" but I guess I don't understand the design well
enough to make sense out of it.

Again, the following is just an excerpt, and I can email the whole thing
if somebody wants.




  resPlot = True
  resPlot_at_FramePlot = False
  resPlot_at_NoTitles = True
  resPlot_at_CommonTitle = True
  resPlot_at_PlotTitle = timestamp
  ; DBZ contours (filled)
  mdbz = wrf_user_getvar(f, "mdbz", 0) ; Derived reflectivity
  mdbz_zoom = mdbz(y_start:y_end, x_start:x_end)
  resDBZ = True
  ; Remove the initial time header and the info footers
  resDBZ_at_InitTime = False
  resDBZ_at_Footer = False
  resDBZ_at_cnFillOn = True
  resDBZ_at_ContourParameters = (/5., 75., 5./)
  contourDBZ = wrf_contour(f, wks, mdbz_zoom, resDBZ)

  ; Map definitions
  resMap = True
  resMap_at_mpGeophysicalLineColor = "Black"

  resMap_at_ZoomIn = True ; set up map info for zoomed area
  resMap_at_Xstart = x_start
  resMap_at_Ystart = y_start
  resMap_at_Xend = x_end
  resMap_at_Yend = y_end
  ; Turn off the tick marks on the sides of map
  resMap_at_tmXTOn = False
  resMap_at_tmXBOn = False
  resMap_at_tmYLOn = False
  resMap_at_tmYROn = False
  plot = wrf_map_overlays(f, wks, (/contourDBZ/), resPlot, resMap)

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