recommended practices for moving from one curvilinear grid to another curvilinear grid

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Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2009 14:11:18 -0600

Hi All

there are a number of functions in NCL to resample or interpolate between
one regular grid to another or from a curvilinear (e.g., RCM/WRF/NARR) into
rectilinear grids or vice versa but not much guidance on the ³Regridding
Functions² page in the NCL documentation on how to go from one curvilinear
grid to another curvilinear gird. There a few multi-step approaches I can
see doing but Iıd rather be able to do it in one "relatively painless" step
to avoid mangling the data more than needed. Are there any recommendations
on how to do that?

Thanks Much
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