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Date: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 14:39:04 -0400


I have a variable pr(time, yc, xc) where yc=172 and xc=180 and
corresponding lat(yc,xc) and lon(yc,xc). I have also have latitude
and longitude of 46 station of a river basin. These latitudes and
longitudes of the river basin are center of the grid cells of lat
(yc,xc) and lon(yc,xc). I want to extract and plot the variable for
these 46 grid cells whose center latitudes and longitudes are given
to determine the variable for that particular basin. How do I solve
this problem?

In connection with the above mentioned question, I would also like
know that is there any function in NCL which provide lat(yc,xc), lon
(yc,xc) and centerlat and centerlon if the number of grid cell (i.e.
i,j) is known or vice-versa.



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