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Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 10:45:45 +0800 (CST)

I have a question about regression in the ncl.

I used the "linint2_points" function interpolating my GCM time series data from a grid to arbitrarily specified coordinate pairs(observed stations) using bilinear interpolation,and have observed time series data of all the stations on the other hand .And I intend to obtain the linear regression coefficients between the two data sets at each station respectively .That is to say,if there is 754 stations,at aech station,it will only uesed the two time series(GCM time series and observed time series) of itself,and it reture 754 group data at last ,which include "linear regression coefficients" "tval"and"tstd",each group and the corresponding station is one to one.I saw there is a "regCoef" function can calculate the linear regression coefficient between two variables,does it can realize what I want to?

If it can doŁ¬how can I input the station timeseries to ncl,then do the regression? I have tried to convert my station data to the GrADS station type (.dat) via Fortran coed firstly,then tried to convert the .dat file(with the ".ctl") into nc file via the "lats4d" in GrADS,but it failed.So after many tried ,I still don't know how to make the station data inputing to ncl come true,which have the same format like the timeseries at each arbitrarily specified coordinate pair retured from the "linint2_points" function, ,do anybody have good ideaŁ¬please let me know?

Thank in advance!




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